Helping Leaders Focus Their Vision, Build Great Teams & High Performance Businesses

Moore Performance Group works with CEOs, owners and boards to help them: 1) Define the organization they want and outcomes they need, 2) Build/align the team to do it, 3)  Develop the skills and lives of that team to create a consistently high performing organization.

We accomplish this through close collaboration with the CEO and his leadership team, using a non-traumatic, five-step approach designed to focus the organization, diagnose, pin-point and develop the key people, processes, structure and culture that are the keys to organizational success.

“I’ve worked with Will Moore for many years and my company and I are very much better for it. Will has helped me see more clearly where we should and need to go and how to get there. He knows how to build a company with a culture that makes it successful and that is where it has taken us. I trust Will’s judgment, appreciate his approach.”
          Bob Terry – CEO, Fisher Farms

Industries Served

High Performance =Team Performance =

Employee Motivation & Engagement

Employee engagement = employee motivation. This is the single most powerful driver and most accurate measure of the strength, effectiveness and success of an organization and its leadership…

Studies* tell us that 71% of the workforce is “not engaged” in their job and 16% are actually working against the organization. This results in billions of dollars of lost profit and even more lost opportunity and unhappy people.

What would be the return on your investment if working with Moore Performance Group resulted in a 50% improvement in employee engagement?

“Will is a strong business leader who knows how to solve problems, identify solutions and work with people to make the company successful”

– Mark Rockwell, CEO | Pacific Santa Fe Corp